The Savage visit London..

Hello, I am Tor Vidle!
-Hello mr. Wiith!
Sorry, but it’s Vidle..
No, like in Wild or better – hm.. savage.
-Ahh I see, mr. Tor Wild Savage?
Nearly there, put in an e.
-E? Mr. Tor E Wild Savage?
Okey forget it, it’s only a name, just mr. Savage, ok?
-What can I do for you mr. Savage?
Lunch please, what’s that?
-That’s roasted brown trout sir.
Are they wild and free like me?
-Sorry sir?
I mean, are they farmed?
-I don’t know, but I’ll ask the chef. One moment sir.

-George? Mr. Tor E Wild Savage want to know if these are wild or tame?
*Wild? Do they look wild to you Jonny?
-I don’t know?
*Are they moving Jonny?
-No, but they are roasted..?
*Have you ever seen a roasted trout svimming in a wild way?
*And that makes them..?
*Your getting there..
-I think..okey..?
*By the way Jonny, what did you say his name was?
-Mr. Tor E Wild Savage..?
*Mr. Evil Savage? Strange name, but okey he looks like a Dundee.
-No he’s an foreigner, and not from Scotland either.
*Yes, that’s what I said, are you sleeping Jonny?
-No, you said he looks like a Dundee? And Dundee City is in Scotland?
*Ah! You are sleeping John, you know the croc man?
-Crocodile Dundee?
*Your getting there Jonny my boy!

-Hello mr. Savage?
Yes, what did he say?
-He said they are tame..
Tame? You mean farmed?
-Are farmed trout tame?
Tame and tame..
-Then they are farmed!
Ok. What’s that?
-Roasted Cod sir.
Are they wild? they move sir?
-If they don’t move, they are tame sir.
What? Ah..I see..Ok, I take a cheeseburger and salad please.
-Are you shure sir? We have only tame burgers?
Are you sure? I take that one, it just moved!
-What..? Are you sure sir?
Yes! Catch it before it runs away!
-Yes of course sir! Got it!
Ehh nothing, but I think you just killed it..
-Oh no! I am terrible sorry sir.
That’s ok, I’ll take the corpse..

-Sir? Can I ask you a question?
Yes of course.
-Sir, do you have a big knife?
Here? No..?
-In your home?
Yes of course…many..?
-Oh! George was right!
-Nothing sir! Nothing! And the lunch is on the house sir!
What? I wan’t to pay…?
-No, no sir! It’s a real pleasure to have you here!
I don’t…?
-Sir? Do you mind signing here in our guestbook?
Okey..? Wow, Elton John? Rowan Atkinson? and…and…and Ed?
-Yes sir, we have a lot of famous guests. Do you know Sir E?
Well, yes we have been fishing together in my homeland..
-Oh! I must tell George and thank him for his sharp eyes!
-Yes he is our chef sir.
-Psst sir?
-If I can say so; clever of you to hide behind that good looking beard., thanks…I think?
-And the name sir..clever..
The name…? Okey…yes…clever..?
(inkl. skrivefeil selvsagt, høh!)

4 kommentar to “The Savage visit London..”

  1. Tante Label Says:

    wild or tame…;-) …you are so incredible….;-)

    I hope Mr. Savage will tell more stories…;-)

  2. mirapisani Says:

    Nydelig lesning til morgenkaffen. ;)) Takk for en god start på dagen Tor.

  3. trultemor- Says:

    mr Evil Savage morsom lesning;)

  4. Jærskalden Tor Vidle Says:

    Tja, vi får se tante, Tja, vi får se tante, kanskje, det er nok å ta av i dette hodet, hehe

    Takk mirapisani for den hyggelige kommentaren.

    Og takk til Trulte, håper du er snart bedre, her går det fremover, ikke som bjørkanar susar, men mer i museskritt..


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